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Main » 2012 » March » 12 » Community Spotlight: Samantha McLain
5:28 AM
Community Spotlight: Samantha McLain
By: NFSLing | 03-10-2012

Meet Samantha McLain. She loves car racing video games and her music of choice are rock, metal and alternative music. To date, she has 604 subscribers and almost 2M video views on her Youtube channel! She currently has 99 uploaded videos on everything Need for Speed related: The Run, Hot Pursuit, Shift Unleashed, Underground 2+3, Carbon and of course, World.

Let’s get better acquainted with Samantha from Mexico!

Tell us about yourself.

I'm an 18 years old girl from México and I really love Need For Speed. I’m currently at level 50 in NFS World. Some people know me by my Youtube channel and because I'm the creator of the WG Comics in the site World-Garage. I like drawing in my spare time, whether of cars, people or cartoons.

How long have you been playing NFSW?

Since the beta number 3! I was so excited to be part of this game. I still remember my little purple Mazda 3 which was my first car I drove in that beta.

What is your favourite car(s) in NFSW?

Nissan GTR R35! I am a fan of all the Nissan cars, in the game and in real life. It's the perfect car for me. I love my other cars too, such as my Silvia or my 2000GT-R.  These cars are Amazing!!! My favourite tier 2 cars are the awesome Subaru Impreza and epic Skyline R34. My favourite tier 3 is the Porsche 959.

Your most memorable experience about NFSW?

I must say it was when some World-Garage members and I were cruising around the new cities when they were added long time ago. It was my first cruise with them. They were so friendly, that they infected you with joy! It was very fun.

What do you like most about NFSW? 

The Pursuits and Team Escape! I like to hit the cops and try to destroy them, while the pursuits gets me all competitive. How many cops can I disable now? How much bounty I can get in one pursuit? I love those kind of challenges, like the missions from Most Wanted. As for Team Escape, I prefer it more than races because it's more cooperative and doesn´t really matter who finish first, everyone wins! 

What other console or online game do you play?

All my NFS Games are for PC. I am a PC Gamer, however, sometimes I’ll play games for the Nintendo DSi.  

Favourite car or driving scene in a movie?

I like the cars from Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift. My adrenaline goes up seeing those beautiful cars drifting that way. I also won't forget the scenes of Bumblebee and Autobots in Tranformers: Dark of the Moon! I get goosebumps just hearing the sounds of the engine in that great city of Chicago.

What song or music do you rock out to while playing NFSW?

The music in the game is ok, but if I want to listen to something different, I play Rise Against or Deadmau5. I do not know if it's my imagination only, but the performance of my cars increases when I listen "Help is on the Way" or "Savior" from Rise Against. Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold and music from composer Steve Jablonsky are other options too.

When you’re not playing NFSW, what else are you up to?

Drawing is my favorite hobby. I am a beginner when it comes to photoshopping, but it is really fun to try to make some awesome designs, photo-manipulations and stuff. Besides studying, I watch television. My favourite shows include Top Gear, South Park, MTV and Discovery.

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

OMG! I hate Twilight so much! But if I have to choose, it would be Team Jacob.  Sorry, but I think Edward is too simple. He’s not "spicy” enough. I  hope I don’t get crucified for what I just said.  

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