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Second Life information
lucagrabacrDate: Tuesday, 2012-06-26, 4:40 AM | Message # 1
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What is Second Life?
Wikipedia (Indonesia)
Second Life official website's page about "What is Second Life?"

Microsoft Windows
Windows XP SP2 and SP3
Windows Vista
Windows 7

Mac OS X (10.4.11 or higher)
Linux i686 x86-64

System requirements

Useful links
Second Life official website | Second Life official forum | Second Life Knowledge Base | Second Life Wiki | Second Life's official thread in Indowebster forum


Quote (Wikipedia)
Second Life is an online virtual world developed by Linden Lab. It was launched on June 23, 2003. A number of free client programs, or Viewers, enable Second Life users, called Residents, to interact with each other through avatars. Residents can explore the world (known as the grid), meet other residents, socialize, participate in individual and group activities, and create and trade virtual property and services with one another. Second Life is intended for people aged 16 and over. The game reached its top popularity in the mid-to-late 2000s,when major pop-rock acts (Duran Duran, Depeche Mode), politician and showbiz personalities made virtual appearances, concerts and public speeches on Second Life, but it has since declined, as other competing clients have appeared mimicking SL appearance and setup.

Built into the software is a three-dimensional modeling tool based on simple geometric shapes that allows residents to build virtual objects. There is also a procedural scripting language, Linden Scripting Language, which can be used to add interactivity to objects. Although sculpted prims (sculpties), mesh, textures for clothing or other objects, and animations and gestures can be created using external software and imported, all such options require extensive programming skills making Second Life a complex game, best experienced by people with beyond-average computer gaming knowledge. The Second Life Terms of Service provide that users retain copyright for any content they create, and the server and client provide simple digital rights management functions.


Q: So how big is the installer / client?
A: The current default official Second Life viewer is no bigger than 30MB in size, the content of the game will be downloaded into your computer while you played

Q: How many races / classes are in the game?
A: There's basically NO LIMIT of what you can be, in Second Life, and there's almost no limit of what your avatar can do in Second Life. Almost all avatars in Second Life are user-created content, you can create yourself one, buy outfits for your avatars, or you can buy pre-made avatars from the Second Life marketplace or from inworld stores (inworld means in the game itself) some good avatars includes their own HUD with their own scripts (for multiple purposes, like weapons, animations, well, ANYTHING)

Example video of an avatar with their own custom HUD

In that video I uploaded, you can see how I used EVE's HUD to do some stuff which kinda shows that there's almost no limit in Second Life :)

Q: Is there a health system in the game?
A: Second Life has its own health system, but in most place, this feature is disabled by the land owner to avoid unwanted things. Though there are some sims (sims means a place, or a region in Second Life) which enable this feature, they are mostly combat sims

Q: How do I earn money in Second Life?

Q: What else is there to do in Second Life?
A: To be honest, the list is too much to be put here

Extra videos:

lucagrabacrDate: Tuesday, 2012-07-03, 3:12 PM | Message # 2
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~ Additional info ~

Maturity ratings

Maturity ratings overview

Important: The Second Life maturity ratings are:
General ("PG" in previous Viewers)
Moderate ("Mature" in previous Viewers)

What are maturity ratings?

Maturity ratings designate the type of content and behavior allowed in a region and affect search results.

There are three maturity ratings in Second Life:General, Moderate, and Adult.

To access Adult search results and regions, be at least 18 years old. For more information on how to access adult content, see Accessing Adult land and content.

More info about maturity ratings can be found here

Destination guide for new players

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